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An approachable and inviting team not only works well with each other, but with customers and clients.  Give them the communication skills necessary to attract new and retain existing business.

Get that transformational edge, while preserving what you do best.

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Our involvement with Beyond Your Color has made all the difference in our ability to secure a sizable grant. When we applied, the grantor was hesitant to secure funds to us because we were merging two entities. When they learned that we were receiving coaching and workshop training, they gladly gave us the grant and we are putting it to good use. - Debbie, President of OBRIA

The color code workshop was a great experience... This knowledge has been useful in creating smoother communication between employees and we have seen a decrease in the amount of time we have to allocate for training and instruction.

I would recommend the workshop to any person or company that is looking to take the next step towards creating a stronger team.

Steve Folin, President
Rickard Engineering and Design

Since I began coaching with Denise, I am happier! My coaching sessions help me to feel important and understood. I now have communication tools that create and maintain healthy and quality relationships. Understanding why people do and think what they do has helped break down walls and rebuild bridges. I am so grateful!

Bethany Leach

Ann Black,Weyerhaeuser Employee

Letter From Ann's supervisor

Ann, thank you for all of your contributions. I have noticed an improvement in your communication skills over the last year and feel that the Communication Coaching you have received in this area has paid off. I'm looking forward to working together with you next year.

Clark, Weyerhaeuser Supervisor


I want to thank you for your Color Code Personality workshop! Our staff truly enjoyed the workshop...

They were engaged, enthusiastic participants. I would recommend your workshop to anyone looking to help their staff increase understanding of self awareness and recognize the impact of their communication style on others.

Gail Singer-Chang, Psy. D., Assistant Dean

Thank you- and I thought the workshop was great. I did read my profile and it is right on! I am already using the color code with co-workers and I can really see a difference!

Jenney, Administrative Assistant

Denise Parmenter is a wonderful coach! I looked forward to talking with her each week going over personal goals and experiences. I trust her insight and years of experience.


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