All Life Is About Relationships

It is a very well-known phenomenon that all life is about relationships. Think about it.
Try Googling Interpersonal Skills, you will receive nearly seven million hits! That is how important it has become in the workplace and in your own personal relationships. What if you could be more effective at understanding or motivating? How much more successful would you be professionally? How much happier and more fulfilled would you be personally?
• WHY are you effective with some people and not with others?
• Do you find yourself facing the same interpersonal problems at work as you do at  home?
• Do you have leadership responsibilities, or will you in the future?
• Do your ideas ever get sidelined, even when you know they’re right?

We use the very powerful Color Code theory to teach you how to increase interpersonal skills.
The Color Code Personality Assessment is unique for several reasons.
First, it goes deeper than mere personality—it identifies Motive—why you do what you do. Let’s say you are analytical, highly motivated or you may be easy to get along with or the life of the party.  Many other assessments will give you a list of your characteristics, but have you ever wondered why you are analytical, motivated, easy to get along with or fun to be around? We will give you those answers.
Second The Color Code is easy to use and implement. Rather than memorizing a string of letters or numbers like some assessments, the Color Code uses colors to represent Driving Core Motives: Red,  Blue, White and Yellow.
Are you an employer?
Have you ever hired someone who performed better in the interview than on the job?
The Color Code personality assessment can provide insight to who you are hiring after they get the job.
Are you are applying for a job?  
It is likely the inter­viewer has more than a few questions that will help him or her discover how well you work with others, as well as your skills at solving personality conflict.
Or in your current job and does your boss feel like “the enemy” at times?
Are you struggling with a teenager or loved one?
 Can you Imagine Building Positive Relationships with such people? It is possible.
Our workshops and coaching empower you with Self awareness which is the #1 key element for developing emotional intelligence.  As you may know, Emotional intelligence bolsters ability to work with team members, improve communication  and create successful professional relationships.
• The more you know yourself and understand why you do what you do, the easier it will be to achieve the competencies needed  to be successful at interpersonal relationships.

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