Being Perfect for the Holidays

This is NOT just for the blues…

Blues, we already know you want every detail to be perfect for your holiday cheer, but perfectionism is something we all face.
Details are just one thing that is part of the package.  We also have to think of money.  Will the guests get along?  Is it going to be fun- not just for me, but for everyone else, too?

We all have to think of budgets this time of year.  Concerned that your significant other will overspend? (Again?) Simply decide (together) what your budget will be, and then trust them to honor it and enjoy what is planned.

But what about the details?  Because, after all, we want the holiday season to be just right.  We all know what amazing holiday decor should look like, what holiday food should taste like, how the the receiver of that perfect gift should light up with delight!  But after all those parties, does it really feel so perfect?

Avoid burnout by deciding what is most important- and stick to that! Will your planning and celebrations give you that time with others to make memories and be joyous? If your answer is yes, consider it a success!

Your holiday can truly be magical if you take care of the most important details and decide not to stress about the rest.


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