Five things your sweetheart needs to hear you say-


Keep your sweetheart happy during Love Month and all year by following these five simple tips.

Red Personality

1. DO compliment them on their outfit.  “That tie looks good with that shirt!” Avoid attaching a negative, such as, “…but are you really going to wear those shoes?”  Keep it positive.

White Personality

2. Your heart has some deep feelings happening in there!  Express them…Be brave!  Be sincere and tell your love the real deal for what’s happening in your heart. “I love you” is not easy to get out… but when you do, there will be no question that you still care.

Blue Personality

3. Be open to new experiences.  Does your sweetheart want to take you out to sushi, but you don’t know if you’ll like it? Try it!  You might love what they have planned! Simply saying, “Okay, I’ll try it.” will give you a great go-to for next time if you do happen to like it.

Yellow Personality

4. If you’re planning an evening out, think of all the details.  Don’t forget about the kids- get a babysitter, already! “We’re leaving at six and Sarah has agreed to watch the kids” will do wonders to put your sweetheart’s mind at ease.

For Everyone

5. BE ON TIME.  Doing so will let your sweetheart know that the plans for the two of you are important and your time with them is important. This one is a “do” and it will add magic to your relationship!


What have you said to your love that really makes a difference?  Please share it with us in the comments, below.


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