7 seconds...

That's all you get when making a first impression.

​Are you -

Make those 7 seconds count.


putting your best self out there

presenting yourself consistently with who you really are

being honest with the world around you

a lovely little tool for getting results

It is not about being selfish or better than others. It is not about being vain.

Image is about using color and style to liberate and empower the person you are inside.

Color.  Confidence.  Competence. 

Color is a powerful tool.

We use the Color Alliance system to produce a custom color palette unique to you. The Color Alliance is highly accurate and refreshingly liberating to use.

  • Reduce time shopping by 50%
  • Only buy flattering clothing and accessories.
  • Eliminate the tagged section of your closet.
  • Choose makeup to look younger and more vibrant.
  • ​Confidently enter any situation, knowing you're giving your best impression.
  • ​Use color and style to portray yourself as competent and able.
  • ​Present yourself honestly and accurately.
  • ​Empower yourself to get the results you deserve.

Image Services

Get Hired

Everything you need to get that dream job

  • Color Analysis
  • Makeup Consultation
  • Interview Outfit Selection
  • Personality Profile
  • Resume Review
  • 2 Coaching Sessions


Empower Integration

The ultimate communication and style makeover

  • Color Analysis
  • Silhouette Analysis
  • Empower Coaching- 5 sessions
  • Personality Profile


Pick and Choose

A palette of individual services

  • Color Analysis $150
  • Silhouette Analysis $150
  • Makeup Consultation $50
  • Closet Audit $75/hour
  • Personal Shopping $75/hour

Services available for individuals or groups