Read. My. Lips. (Not my mind)

Mind reading.

 I absolutely stink at mind reading.  And yet, when I need something, what do I do?  I expect that person to read my mind.

The antidote for failed mind reading is asking them for what you want.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Ask and ye shall receive…”.  That idea is from the Bible, and people the world over use it, too.  And for good reason- it works!

The  key to any relationship is communication.  And that includes the love of your life, family, coworkers and friends.

So how do we ask? Try the following:

  1. No more mind reading! The two of you do not share a brain.

  2. Know what you want. Details, Babe! Don’t just tell them you want something sweet. Tell them you want dark chocolate, with a hint of mint. No nuts, please!

  3. Understand the person you are asking. What’s their color code color? Understanding that will help you to know how to ask to get what you want.

  4. You deserve it! We’re more than happy to help others get what they want, so why wouldn’t they want the same for you?

  5. Sometimes the answer is NOPE. Pout if you must, but don’t take it personally.

Big or small, ask for what you want.  People want to help you.  They love you, just as you love them.  Give them clear messages so they’ll know how to help you best.

Do you have an experience about asking for what you want?  Tell us about it in the comments, below.

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