Power is defined as the ability to move from point A to point B. Reds are about results and productivity. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership. Reds are generally characterized as responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive.



Intimacy, connecting, creating quality relationships and having purpose is what drives these people. Their natural gifts include quality and service. Blues can be counted on to be loyal, sincere, and thoughtful.



Peace, or the ability to stay calm in the midst of chaos, is what motivates a White. Clarity and tolerance are White gifts. Whites are also known for their qualities of kindness, adaptability, and patience.



The joy of living in the moment and doing something just for the sake of doing it is the driving force for these people. Yellows offer the gifts of enthusiasm and optimism. They are generally charismatic, spontaneous, and sociable.

When was the last time you saw yourself for who you really are? And, we're not talking about the typical mirror image of yourself, your likes and dislikes, your behavior in any given situation. No, we're talking about who you innately are, what drives you, what makes you who you are.

Like an internal mirror, The Color Code Personality Profile reveals the truth about who you are inside. It reveals your innate strengths and limitations, your needs and wants, where you are best suited to excel and where you're blowing it. What's more, the cutting edge insights from your personal profile not only reveal who you really are, but they teach you how to leverage your unique personality to enhance the quality of your life.

While personality assessments only explain what you do, the Color Code delves deeper to determine why you do what you do by uncovering your driving core motive—the innermost reason why you do what you do. Instruments that describe simply what you do (behavior-based) aren't telling you anything you don't know already. In order to improve your life and relationships, you need to understand why you do what you do (motive-based).

Your results from the Color Code will add insight into your life. Your profile takes what scholars at Oxford University regard as the most revolutionary and correct personality theory in existence today-the Color Code-and uses it to provide you with a complete guide to enhancing the quality of your life with the gift of self-awareness. Your profile reveals who you innately are, enables you to understand why you choose certain behaviors, and teaches you how to leverage your unique personality to enhance the quality of your life-all in a single sitting.

Your profile is more than just a one time fix. With its insights into your driving core motive, your profile reveals why you do what you do and teaches you how to use that insight to improve yourself.

Your Personality Profile will:

  • Uncover the driving core motive behind your unique personality, allowing you to understand why you do what you do.
  • Indicate which human needs and wants are most critical for you, and how to use them to your advantage in creating successful relationships with others.
  • Delineate your innate strengths and limitations.
  • Offer you insights into how to become a more effective person.
  • Provide ways in which you can better connect with people whose driving core motives make them innately different from you.

All life is about relationships. The success of any endeavor, whether it be personal or professional, inevitably comes down to how you relate with the individuals involved. Harmonious marriages depend on it. Rewarding business partnerships relish it. The quality of your life hinges upon it. And it all begins with getting yourself, by getting your driving core motive. Once you get yourself, you can work on getting others and creating successful and rewarding relationships.

The comment we hear most frequently is how easy the Color Code is to put into practice.