Get that transformational edge while preserving what you do best. 

It’s the smartest business move you can make.

a coach for business professionals

Denise Parmenter is an experienced business coach, ready to deliver results to your organization. 

What kind of results? 

Save thousands of dollars by bringing in the best talent. Match organizational needs with a tailored workforce and your business will run so smooth, costly acquisition and turnover will be virtually eliminated.

How is this done?

By assessing the motives and strengths of each candidate, and by digging deep to gain an understanding of how their role will mesh with other roles in your office, you’re sure to choose someone who will fit in, well, adding synergy to the whole.

By using these same strategies for those already on board, your office can be productive and harmonious, boosting the bottom line. Watch those profit margins widen with increased revenue and minimized loss and expense.

Denise has experience in a variety of industries and has worked with hundreds of companies, giving them the edge in their respective fields. With an eclectic compilation of businesses from Industrial, Hospitality, Resorts, Education, Government, Social Work, and Customer Service, Denise is able to walk into any organization, learn their vibe and model, and bring together the necessary ingredients for organizational change and explosive growth.

Just a handful of Denise’s clients include:

-Rickard Engineering & Design

-Western University of Health Sciences

-Colorado Timber Resources

-Beydler’s Manibolt Driller

-Health Sources

-Rainbow Carpet Cleaning

-Devil’s Thumb Ranch

-College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

From systemic organizational intervention to business tune-up, Denise has you covered. Achieve and maintain high performance through:

-Developing a Corporate Culture that reflects your mission and values

-Intentional growth through best business practices

-Human Resource Training

-Talent acquisition and retention


-Safe and happy offices

Coaching cycles and workshops are offered in a variety of settings:

-Corporate, in-house coaching

-Small Business staff

-Individual coaching for Entrepreneurs 

Benefit from an objective perspective to help you navigate opportunity and change. Receive correction, accountability, in a safe environment with 360 feedback and clarity.

Denise’s experience includes business ownership for 25+ years.

Member of the International Coaching Federation

SHRM Certification

Hartmann Communication, Certified Independent Trainer

Oregon State University, BA in Communication

Give your business that edge it deserves

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"Denise understands what motivates employees and customers."


"Since I have worked with Denise ...I have regained my confidence! ...I couldn't have made the transition without her coaching."

-Ann Black​


We have seen a decrease in the amount of time we have to allocate for training and instruction." 

-Steve Folin, President, Rickard Engineering

​"Many of the world's most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching."

​-Harvard Business Review

Serving the Portland, Oregon area. 

Not close to Portland? We can still help! For Out of Town service costs, Denise will come to you.

"When the end of life comes, we will leave with nothing but our relationships." -Ben Hardy