"​As your coach, I will lay in front of you a map of all of your options, challenges and opportunities. I will challenge you to gather all of your ability, intuition, knowledge, and resources to overcome limitations and achieve your dreams."

a coach for business professionals


"Denise understands what motivates employees and customers."


"Since I have worked with Denise ...I have regained my confidence! ...I couldn't have made the transition without her coaching."

-Ann Black​


We have seen a decrease in the amount of time we have to allocate for training and instruction." 

-Steve Folin, President, Rickard Engineering

​"Many of the world's most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching."

​-Harvard Business Review

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Coaching Services


The very best in communication skills that promote quality relationships.

3 months

5 1-hour sessions

  • Define your Core Motive
  • Identify key relationships
  • Build solid interpersonal skills
  • Conquer limitations
  • Maximize strengths 
  • Personality Profile


Empower Premium

Dig deeper to go beyond your color. Gain new communication skills you didn't know were possible.

6 months

10 1-hour sessions

  • Everything from Empower
  • Transform limitations into stregnths
  • Charactered transformation
  • Learn to connect with others based on their core motives


Empower for Business

Custom Coaching specifically for your organization

6 months

  • Coaching sessions for specified team members
  • Communication workshops for the entire team
  • Teambuilding
  • Charactered  leadership
  • Hiring/Firing/Employee Retention
  • New employee Orientation/Culturization
  • Corporate culture creation

Please call for a custom quote. 541-223-3362

Empower Integration

The ultimate communication and style makeover

  • Empower Coaching- 5 sessions
  • Personality Profile
  • Color Analysis
  • Silhouette Analysis


"When the end of life comes, we will leave with nothing but our relationships." -Ben Hardy