You Might Be a Yellow If…

You let your kids watch a show so you can enjoy something else.

Maybe it’s a book or craft. Or an extra long shower. Or maybe you just want to use the bathroom alone, today.  Your child’s favorite show can give you all of these, and more!


You eat something because it’s delicious, not necessarily because it’s good for you.

Food can be both delicious and nutritious.  You don’t have to eat junk to taste something divine! But let’s be honest.  If it has calories, it better taste good.  


Having your flight cancelled doesn’t bother you.

You have to leave Mexico three days later?  Darn, all that extra time at the beach is harsh. But you know how to make the most of it!  Changed plans can always be made great!


People think you’re a bouncing ball of silly, even when you’re not.

Of course you’re silly!  But sometimes, you’re really serious about something and people don’t get it.  It’s hard to bring out those deep down feelings (they exist) but it’s much more comfortable to laugh and make light of things.  That does make it difficult when you have to deal with something Not-Fun.


You insist on bringing a treat to work meetings.

It’s your turn to bring the treat to your after school teacher meeting and you get so excited! It was your idea to do treats in the first place, and nobody is sad about it.


Your favorite way to exercise is dancing.

Running or hip hop?  There is no question which one you would rather do.  Both get you going but can you really live fully without dancing your way through life?  Maybe, but why risk it.


You get really, really happy when your shopping trip yields that perfect jacket.

There is it- THE CUTEST jacket in all of creation on the rack in front of you.  You smile.  You touch it.  You think of all of the reasons why you need it. And then you smile again.


A hug can fix anything.

Some things in life are not fun.  And some things are downright tragic.  Sometimes you forget you’re a yellow.  But then someone gives you a hug and the world is better again.


So can chocolate.

What is it about that rich cocoa that soothes and heals its way down your throat and into your heart?  There’s some science on hormones and stuff, but it’s much more than that.  Chocolate is a wondrous, beautiful thing that should be savored and given to those you adore.


Vacations are not just nice, they’re crucial.

It’s like a reset. And without a reset, your awesomeness slowly fades away into boringness and sarcasm.  Yes, vacations are a must and you will gladly use their riveting powers of goodness and delight.


As a teenager, you spent money at Claire’s on useless, little see-through plastic items, and they made you really happy.  You also took home your share of scrunchies.  Those small backpacks were a yellow’s favorite!


You love smilies and exclamations!!! 🙂 !! 🙂

Because sometimes you’re just really happy!!!  And you need EVERYONE to know it!!! And it only counts if the smile on your face is also on the page.  🙂


Being Yellow is fabulous and wonderful and can sometimes get you into trouble.  But a smile and some quick talking can get you out of most tough situations. 😉

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